Mould Repair

Practicing the steps of the glass blowing process allowed an observation: the systematic disposal of plaster moulds after a singular use. This inherent disposability served as a catalyst for a search to counter this obsolescence. Methods got developed, using external elements as common as hands, rope, tape or clay.

Experimentation after experimentation, the traditional single-use plaster mould gave way to a dynamic and resourceful approach. Hands lent their dexterity, rope and tape provided structure, while clay became the unexpected ally in extending the life of these moulds.

The work challenges convention, bringing new methods into the glass blowing craft. It testifies of the boundless possibilities that emerge when tradition meets experimentations, ensuring that even the most seemingly disposable elements finds renewed purpose and significance in the hands of the maker.


left: first blow. right: second blow after repair.

left: first blow. right: second blow after repair.