On An Obsolescence Rescue

On An Obsolescence Rescue emerged from empathy and responsibility toward soon-to-be-discarded objects. Efforts to restore them were done, resulting in the unrealistic challenge of repairing without the tools of the producing industries.

Materials came from Emmaüs' waste containers. Extending their lifeline allowed a reevaluation of efficiency and perfection ideals. This approach celebrates diversity, adapting to available materials and distancing from uniformity.

The process includes collection, categorization, analysis, and ‘repair’,driven by the object’s adaptive potential. This repair service stands as a response to individual needs, moving away from mass production to nurture a circular economy and appreciation for discarded objects.

Various chapters explored during the research.

Chapters: fixing the amsafe belt, one space one design, plurality, fixing the lamp 01, repair café,  the source, original state, scans, fixing the lamp 02, self standards, biases, dimensions fit.